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I-95 Jeckyl Island
By Adam Curry on Friday, July 22, 2011 at 1:06 PM.
7/22/11; 8:45:55 AM by AC permalink
We're just a stone throw away from Jeckyly Island, in Georgia, where 100 years ago the powerful Elite$ consipred against the citizens of Gitmo Nation by instituting the Federal Reserve. I can smell the evil from here :-) permalink
Yesterday I awoke to the glourious site of the Lake we were parked at in Mt. Pleasant just north of Charleston South Carolina. We kept the rig nice and cool since I had a show to do, and that also meant I didn't have much time to explore the surroundings. permalink
The camp wifi started crapping out around 8am, icmp errors, amazingly I was able to establish reasonable comminucations on the AT&T 3G connection and it held up pretty well throughout the entire show. Of course we're prepared to encounter this, so even though skype delays and dropouts occur, we were able to get by without too much trouble. permalink
After the show a couple producers stopped by, bearing good cheer and locally brewed beer, a welcome beverage in the 110+ degree heat at that point. permalink
After striking camp (dumping 'black' and grey water, disconnect everything and hit the gas) we drove straight into the city of Charleston. We loved the old southern architecture that has been so nicely integrated with modern city life. We had heard about a dutch couple who opened a real ducth french fries joint a couple months ago and filled up on Patat Speciaal, Pataje Oorlog and a couple home made 'oliebollen' at the Patat Spot before returning to route 17, also known as the Savannah Highway back toward I-95. permalink
A couple hours later we saw signs for Savannah. Although our destination was closer to Jacksonville Florida, we couldn't resist the opportunity to hang a left for a look. permalink
We lucked out coming over the 'big bridge' into Savannah, as I wound up behind a local tour tram, and followed it through the old historic 'squares' district. My god it's so beautiful! permalink
Savannah isn't exactly built to handle RV traffic, so we couldn't easily find a parking spot to get out and explore, and it was also getting dark, but for those of you who know the town, I actually took the rig down River street, cobblestones and all LOL. permalink
Back on I-95 we set the cruise control for 70Mph, and held the middle lane for the remainder of what we could drive. It had been a while since I had driven on an unlit interstate highway, and I kept feeling the urge to pull back on the stick for takeoff as it resembled a runway by night. permalink
At 10 we pulled off at a comfort inn, enjoyed the hot hot hot shower and watched some CSPAN. Ah yes, life on the road! permalink
Here's a google map ouf our route from yesterday. Breakfast is next, then we head to Tampa for a Meetup at Producer Nico de Haan's home. permalink

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