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By Adam Curry on Sunday, July 24, 2011 at 8:43 PM.
No Agenda Show for Sunday July 24th 2011 permalink
Cut, Cap, Duck & Cover permalink
Cut, Cap, Duck & Cover permalink
Executive Producers: James, Brian Doerr, James Howard, Christian Winter permalink
Associate Executive Producers: Kenneth Myklebust, Steve Thompson, Chad Laston permalink
Executive Producers and 324 Club members:  permalink
333 Club Members: James, Brian Doerr, James Howard, Christian Winter permalink
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forwards to No agenda not in the list. I know it's not that big a deal just want it to count in the record attempt. permalink
Saturday: 111 days until 11.11.11.  permalink
Sent from my iPad permalink
i was listening to an old na show the other day and heard a british guy say obamas name like obomber.  so i got   very fitting as he loves to drop bombs permalink
-Tyler permalink
I haven't donated to the show, but you can consider this a sort of left-handed contribution. Until I figure out what to do with this domain, it redirects to permalink permalink
:) permalink
--  permalink
Rich in Ohio permalink
As promised is now forwarding to permalink
Itm permalink
Joe permalink
Ciao' permalink
Hi Adam, Just want to say love the show and also think it's super important what You and John are doing.  permalink
I forwarded to you guys. I wanted to do a counter showing how many troops we have actually brought home as deadlines draw nearer, but don't have the time. If you or any producers want to do something with it that would be great.  permalink
Also thought this clip from Celebrity Rehab about marijuana withdrawals and his offer of meds to deal with it was pretty creepy, I watched after hearing you guys talk about it and it was mind blowing how many times he offers meds... permalink
Thanks so much for all You, John and both your families do. You guys really are doing an incredible service. Hope You and Miss Micky are enjoying the open road.  permalink
Sincerely, In the Morning,  permalink
Eddie J . Keating permalink
Human Resource permalink
Micky, permalink
It was good to meet both you and Adam last night! Glad I decided to make the trek. My information is below: permalink
Chad Laston f/ Cape Canaveral Florida. permalink
Donation: $200 toward my knighthood. permalink
Love the show and all the tedious hours of watching ugly people on C-Span that you both endure. No Agenda is my primary source for news information topics and you provide the means to further research the stories with your awesome show notes! permalink
I'd like a formal Dedouching and I would like to Donate my Karma to Adam and Micky for the rest of the Hotpockets2008 tour. Safe journey to you both and keep trying to get JCD to make a stop on the tour! permalink
I think by donating my Karma it will provide even greater karma in the long run. : ) permalink
Thanks again, permalink
~Chad~ permalink
Living a primal lifeststyle podcast permalink
Sir Andrew Greene and his girl Amanda permalink
GitmoSlave permalink
Katie Heummer - SC Lucifer Shill permalink
Any chance of a PR mention for RynoTheBearded?  He's started recording the audiobook of One Day in Gitmo Nation and he's doing an awesome job.  You can download the episodes from his Twitter page... @RynoTheBearded permalink
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