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Lillian Alabama
By Adam Curry on Tuesday, July 26, 2011 at 2:10 PM.
7/26/11; 8:46:39 AM by AC permalink
A picture named fishHouse_sm.jpgCrazy thing happened on our way to Pensacola Florida last night, without even knowing it, we corssed the state line into Alabama. THis became apparent when we asked for a cab at the Campground Store to pick us up and drive us to the No Agenda Producer's meetup at the Fish House in downtown Pensacola. "No m'am, no cab will drive you to Florida" was the response. LOL permalink
NA Producers to the rescue, not one but two rides showed up to take us to the freshest seafood meal I can remember. In all likelyhood, the crabs, talapia, calimari and shrimp we devoured was caught that very same day in the water we overlooked. permalink
A picture named gulfCoast_sm.jpgI will be going into detail about our conversations over dinner on Thursday's show, since I gained a lot of insight about what happened down here since the BP coverup cleanup. But I can tell you here and now that the BP disaster jolted a lot of people into a highly awakened state, in particular in regards to their government's collusion with big business. permalink
Preceeding our journey to the gulf coast, we of course had the show on Sunday from Nico and Ellen's driveway, which went off almost flawlessly. Several more show producers joined Ms Micky poolside while I was in the RV. permalink
One of them was so kind to bring me a cooler full of dry ice, so I'll try that trick on the next show, see if I can turn the a/c off during the actual broadcast. permalink
After a protein shake (thanks Ellen!) and a donation of a fullt ank of gas from Nico, we rolled out onto I-75. We got as far as Starke before setting up camp. With all apologies to anyone who lives there, it is to be avoided. Certainly the campground, which is located behind some kind of trash facility, and there are cops hiding behind billboard signs with speed guns at the ready every 5 miles. permalink
With only 5 hours to drive yesterday, we had a nice lunch on the way in the state capitol. Tallahassee. Have you every tried a Turkey and Brie sandwich with raspberry jam?It's a definite must. permalink
Fast forward to today, tuesday morning. We slept without the a/c on, as it is much cooler here, and we are parked only 50 yards from the beach, surrounded by the tropical steamy sounds that I imagine only the south can produce. The crazy douchebag world of Los Angeles seems so far away right now.... permalink
Today we will reach New Orleans and have a spot to park right near the French Quarter. We are going to explore the city for the next couple days together, as we need a bit of 'us time' after all the meetups and Ms Micky definitely needs to spend a full day on her photograpy. The city is made for it. I will dutifully be carrying the camera bag. permalink
We certainly expect to meetup with a few folks while we're there, just follow what's on the facebook page for any details of impromptu meetups etc. permalink

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