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By Adam Curry on Thursday, July 28, 2011 at 7:34 PM.
No Agenda Show for Thursday July 28th 2011 permalink
Axis of Abuse permalink
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Axis of Abuse permalink
Executive Producers: Baron Steven Pelsmaekers, James, Jennifer Buchanan, Paul Schneider, Susan L. Brigham, Andrew Harms permalink
Associate Executive Producers: David Romagosa permalink
Executive Producers and 325 Club member: Andrew Harms permalink
333 Club Members: James, Jennifer Buchanan, Paul Schneider, Susan L. Brigham, permalink
Become a member of the 326 Club, support the show here Link permalink
Adam, just wanted to send a quick note, I just bought a podcast license, and am forwarding the following to; permalink permalink permalink permalink
Keep up the good work. permalink
--  permalink
Joe Amory permalink
I forwarded to the show  permalink
I wasnt able to get because it looks like Tim Flannery (the aussie wanker pushing for climate tax ) is pimping his new book on there called "the weathermakers" at  permalink  permalink
Maybe he listens to the show and decided to co opt the meme ? permalink
--  permalink
Dave permalink
From the Ozarks Bumkin in Southwest Missouri. permalink and .net permalink permalink permalink
Hi Adam, permalink
I have the following domains forwarded to permalink permalink permalink
Thanks for the great show! permalink
Tim English permalink
I just recently viewed the new Weird Al Parody music video called Party in the CIA and after seeing it I decided to register the domain╩╩and point it to permalink
here's a link to the video, I think you'll enjoy it╩ permalink
I love the domain name forwards to no agenda and wondered if you knew permalink
about this interesting tid bit, try it yourself.... permalink
have you ever typed in on a web browser? If not then permalink
check it out and see what page it forwards to. Adam will find it permalink
extremely interesting and John will get a nice chuckle out of it. permalink permalink
here is a who is on it... permalink permalink
Hey Adam and In The Morning, permalink
I'm am pleased to report that NABS - No Agenda Bat Signal for Windows is finished and is now available to download. permalink permalink
NABS follows the value for value model so it is open source freeware available to all No Agenda producers and citizens of the interwebs alike. permalink
Hopefully you have access to a Windows box so you can chuck it on, check it out and share your thoughts and feedback. permalink
We would also appreciate you giving a shoutout and some karma to NABS, our other Windows app Skowler, the brains of the Op DK1 oh & me, NeraStudios. permalink
Cheers permalink
Nik permalink
The Cannon has been polished, wheeled into place and unveiled:  permalink permalink
The feed for Doug to read on the Stream is: permalink
Maybe a short intro like, "This is Doug with your No Agenda Cannon update from  permalink . . ." permalink
I may have to tweak the micro-donation price points. They're currently set at  permalink
$6.66 for a semi-canned message, and $11.11 for a custom message. permalink
The Cannon will either be a big hit or the trolls will attack it. But should be  permalink
fun! permalink
----- Original Message ---- permalink
From: Adam Curry  permalink
To: Brian S. King permalink
Josh Araya 60 permalink
Aaron Pattersson 101 permalink
Picked us up and $50 gas permalink
Adam, permalink
Thanks for coming through New Orleans on your Hot Pocket tour, we enjoyed the meet up! Your girl Micky is a keeper! I saw this story on our evening news and thought I would send to you for evaluation: I'd rather wear an ankle bracelet. permalink permalink
Just getting by, permalink
David Romagosa permalink
100 gas permalink
2 bibles permalink
Knighthoods: Paul Schneider, Melissa Symmons permalink
Art By: Thoren permalink
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