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The Big Easy
By Adam Curry on Wednesday, July 27, 2011 at 2:07 PM.
7/27/11; 8:39:18 AM by AC permalink
Good morning from New Orleans! permalink
A picture named nolaRVpark_sm.jpgOf all the interesting finds Ms Micky has uncovered for places to stay during our trip so far, this one is a true gem. There is a full on luxury RV park just two blocks from the french quarter. Who knew?! It's modern, has a great salt water pool, everything is paved and the entire place is gated with top notch security. For $60 a night, within walking distance from exactly where you want to be, its the best deal ever! permalink
The drive from Alabama yesterday was a warm one, humidity and heat in the south are a lethal combination. My sinuses are starting to clear up, but a grovely cough remains, the atmospheric conditions didn't help. permalink
A picture named burbon_sm.jpgRV learning moment; when parked on an inlcine, the holding tank (grey and black water) indicators will indicate incorrectly. We discovered we needed to dump when water started appearing in the shower. Baroness Maggie had warned me about this, so we caught it just in time, although we had to divert 15 miles just to find a facility where we could use to flush everything. permalink
Micky slept in the back for most of the drive, while I listened to the traffic reports and some amusing banter of truckers on our newly aquired CB radio from Radio Shack (clearance sale, $49,99). As Micky pointed out, CB radio is twitter for truckers. In fact, back in the compuserve days, the online chat function was actually called "CB", some may remember.... permalink
Once hooked up and after a refreshing dip in the pool, we set out to explore the french quarter. It was very quiet, as many of the people we spoke to attested to. I laughed loudly as we turned left onto Burbon street, watching Micky's response was priceless. Of course she hated it. After explaining that this is the tourist side of the equation and slipping into several other residential streets, she quickly fell in love with it, and how couldn't she :-) permalink
A picture named spookyBar_sm.jpgWe stopped every 50 feet for her to take some shots, and eventually settled on a couple of bar stools outside for a traditonal Hurricane. Of course every bar serves 'the best and most original' in the world. They were good :-) permalink
We shared a plate of wings and something I hadn't had before: crackers with Philladelphia cream cheese and jalapeno jelly. Hot and yummy! permalink
A picture named muleCarriage_sm.jpgWith darkness setting in, we did the tourist thing and took a mule and carriage guided tour, which, although at $75 is very expensive, is very romantic and gives you a good overview of the quiet residential areas that just make you want to pick up your belongings and move here. permalink
We strolled back to the RV Park around 9:30, slightly tipsy, very tired and excited about the next day of fun in The Big Easy.  permalink

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