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By Adam Curry on Thursday, October 06, 2011 at 9:16 PM.
No Agenda Show for Thursday October 6th 2011 permalink
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Hornbag permalink
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In the morning John & Adam, permalink
I love the show and have forwarded these domains to permalink permalink permalink permalink
Thank you once again for the consistent entertainment and analysis, permalink
LoneSQRL permalink
"don't drone me bro dot com" is now forwarding to permalink
--  permalink
Bryce Dolishny╩ permalink
is now forwarding to permalink
ITM! permalink
Sir Craig Peters permalink
Hey Adam, I just registered the domain name I can't believe that this wasn't already taken but now it has even more meaning. The band Switchfoot just came out with a new album called Vice Verses and the name of one of the songs is Selling the News.╩ permalink
so, I think that the lyrics are actually fairly in line with what you and John promote on the podcast. So as an idea for a new campaign I think it would be cool if other listeners found music that ties in with the shows central themes and registered the names of the songs and pointed them to Then if you are with a group of people and they happen to like the song you can direct them to the URL and it will be way easier to remember that way. Anyways this was just a thought, hope this week is a little better than last for donations I sure wish that I could donate more than the $11.11 a month level but being a student is expensive. permalink
-Ryan Hoskins permalink
I feel like WE (the fans of NA) ARE the One Percent! permalink permalink
FYI - is having a domain sale - $.99 for the first year ($9.99 after that) until 10.31 permalink
╩- Mark Jeacoma permalink
Hi Adam and John, permalink
We all know every government in the world hates you guys. So what would they wish, if they had the choice, we would see when entering the domain permalink
Something like: you've entered THE WRONG DOMAIN !!!! permalink
I've used this domain for my own site (, but I'm more than happy to contribute by forwarding it to you guys. permalink
So here it is.. permalink
Cheers! permalink
Martijn PiĹt permalink
Adam, permalink
Could you help Michael Moore (not the director) and myself spread the word that this Sat. at Los Angeles City Hall we will be camping out in the name of No Agenda and liberty with the fellow Occupiers like ourselves. We will be "Pitching a tent" in the name of No Agenda and liberty this Sat. at 8pm in front of LA City Hall! permalink
Keep up the great work with the show!! ╩We gotcha back! permalink
Michael Szumowski permalink
Michael Moore permalink
NA ROkU channel Link permalink
the no agenda 11 11 11 super karma coin | medallion | lapel pin | Link permalink
itm, dear john and adam. permalink
you may remember to 10 10 10 super karma medallions. this year i have created the 11 11 11 super karma coin. permalink
2 inch stamped metal coin with enamel colors. permalink
presale has just started at permalink permalink
there is a limited edition (only 33, numbered, including acrylic case!!) @ $33.00 permalink
and two regular editions @ $22.11 permalink
i'd apreciate your help in mentioning these, so i can go for the $1111.11 donation. permalink
you'll get your copy eventually. permalink
thanks for the show! permalink
cheers. permalink
(sir) ernie permalink
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